Observing plant growth is one part of my creative process. Each photograph begins with my observation of the development and maturation of the grape vines in the vineyard. I plan my photographs by focusing on how to convey the beauty of the vine's life cycle and which part of the life cycle to capture. When can we see the first developing shoots after bud burst? When are the clusters of grapes most beautiful? What colors do the grape leaves turn in fall? Planning and observing are portions of the process, but the exciting part is the actual vineyard photography and the post-production that afterwards takes place in my studio. Two important criteria I use to portray the "personality" of a plant are the angle of viewing and how close I set my camera. I light each trunk, cordon, fruit cluster, leaf or tendril to reveal in detail the magnificent beauty of natural form and function of each grape variety. Just as individual vines have a natural cycle, so too does the entire vineyard. After several years, conditions of sun and shade in the vineyard change. Also, many of the perennials, cover crops and trees mature. The vineyard offers me a wide variety of photographic opportunities to view not only its beauty, but also the passage of time experienced visually through the "soul" of the grape vines.