Vine Letter November 2020

Social Media Management 


Before a November storm ultimately rattles down the colorful autumn foliage and the vines slowly start to go dormant for the long winter months, we want to raise the one key question: why should wineries jump on board with social media at all?


Simply put, being close to the beverages we enjoy has become increasingly important. As consumers of wine we now care about where the produce comes from and who grows it. There is a new awareness of lowering our collective carbon footprint and a strong focus on healthier lifestyles. Social media can help build awareness for your winery's brand. In addition, social media assists in attracting new customers and keep current ones informed about wine releases, special events and promotions. Your winery has more to say than you realize and customers want to hear it! So let'share some "winery vibe" content that engages your community! 


That said, for wineries that are looking to establish a solid presence on social media, Grape Vine Media offers monthly management services at affordable rates. We update your social media platforms with fresh content in English and/or German on a regular basis. Your social media pages will be customized to reflect the look of your winery's brand and website. In addition, we have a substantial custom library of images on hand for a wide range of projects. For those who are currently without social media platforms, we can complete the set-up process for you - at no extra cost of course. 


Grape Vine Media's social media packages include: 

  • customized social media strategy and account optimization 
  • custom content creation, visual storytelling and schedule posting for your social media platform(s), website, blog or newsletter  in English and/or German
  • follower and hashtag strategy 
  • engagement and interaction with followers and readers
  • market research, brand and competition monitoring
  • analytic reports 

Our aim and passion is to help wineries establish and maintain a thriving online presence, so they can promote their unique brand and keep their attention focused on making excellent wine! Are vital day to day operations taking all of your time? Could your wine business benefit from Grape Vine Media's social media services? Do you have a specific project or goal in mind? Are you looking for pricing info? We would love to hear from you! Please don't hesitate to send an inquiry using the contact form. 

Vine Letter October 2020

Vineyard Photography


Autumn is here once again. In the vineyard it’s still a busy time of harvest but the land begins to sigh and turn inward while the leaves slowly change colors to shades of gold, fire and chocolate. There is such splendor to be seen but atttention: taking vineyard images can be very challenging! It takes a lot of patience to make your images stand out, numerous distractions (like a post running through a series of vines or one bad grape) can dilute the impact of your picture. Only overcast days – provided that there is enough light – allow you to take pictures all day because clouds diffuse the intense sunlight you often have to deal with in the vineyard.


Getting the right photography for your business is huge; from beautiful plant portraits alongside the little details to factful lookbooks, the right photography reflects so much abour your winery – your style, your clientele and your future.


As a photographer for the wine industry, I aim to provide a true and honest reflection of your way of grape farming. Natural and modern photography that focuses on the details that make your business yours and highlights the beauty of your vineyard - raw, real and beautiful all year round!  My work is my passion and hearing how much happiness my photos bring to individuals and businesses within the wine industry makes it the  best job. If you would like to arrange a session or have a project you are working on that you would like to discuss, I would love to hear from you! 

   Vine Letter September 2020    

Branding and Communication 


Late summer is such a busy and exciting time of the year in the vineyard as grapes are turning to their final color and their Brix needs to be measured regularly now. 


Have you ever considered  outsourcing your winery's branding and communication tasks so you can keep your attention focused on the upcoming harvest? There are quite some reasons why you should think about that (not only because it would make your life so much easier although this is a valid point too):


Agriculture, farming and viticulture are the basic principles of the agricultural industry. Due to the increase in worldwide trade, it's essential to keep clear of any language barrier for: 

  • improved communication quality through strategic marketing activity
  • promoting a positive brand perception of your winery's product range

Conveying the viticultural process can be challenging, because of the many specialized words, acronyms and phrases it can be difficult for some to understand. At Grape Vine Media we have an extensive experience in the wine industry, knowledge of specific terminology plus understanding of the viticultural process and we are therefore able to perfectly suit all client's needs. Whenever it takes someone who preferentially "speaks Wine": that's where we come in! Please don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation!