Vine Letter September 2020    

Branding and Communication 


Late summer is such a busy and exciting time of the year in the vineyard as grapes are turning to their final color and their Brix needs to be measured regularly now. 


Have you ever considered  outsourcing your winery's branding and communication tasks so you can keep your attention focused on the upcoming harvest? There are quite some reasons why you should think about that (not only because it would make your life so much easier although this is a valid point too):


Agriculture, farming and viticulture are the basic principles of the agricultural industry. Due to the increase in worldwide trade, it's essential to keep clear of any language barrier for: 

  • improved communication quality through strategic marketing activity
  • promoting a positive brand perception of your winery's product range

Conveying the viticultural process can be challenging, because of the many specialized words, acronyms and phrases it can be difficult for some to understand. At Grape Vine Media we have an extensive experience in the wine industry, knowledge of specific terminology plus understanding of the viticultural process and we are therefore able to perfectly suit all client's needs. Whenever it takes someone who preferentially "speaks Wine": that's where we come in! Please don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation!