Photography and Content Creation for Wineries

Vineyard & Winery Photography

When it comes to showcasing a winery online by means of a high quality website, few things can be as important as beautiful photography. Quality pictures of the vineyard, the tasting room and even wine bottle shots can have a powerful effect on whether or not a consumer will visit for a tasting and subsequently purchase wine products. Why is this the case? Simply put, your website and its content serve as an individual's first impression of you and your way of running the winery.


Therefore, instead of presenting passable stock photos, how much better it is to offer visually stimulating photography that highlights the beauty of your vineyard.

With my winery photography services, I'm happy to come on site and capture attractive photos for use on your website. My focus is on the following areas: the vineyard, the tasting room, the staff, vineyard animals and of course the wine. 

Winery Social Media Management

Why do wineries and vineyards jump on board with social media platforms? Simply put, social media can help build awareness for your winery's brand. In addition, social media can help attract new customers and keep current ones informed about wine releases, special events and promotions. 


For wineries that are looking to establish a solid presence on social media, I offer monthly management services at affordable rates. I update your social media platforms with fresh content in English and/or German on a regular basis. 


Your social media pages will be customized to reflect the look of your winery's brand and website. For those who are currently without social media platforms, I can complete the set-up process for you at no extra cost. 

Content Creation for Your Winery

Your website, blog and basic social media platforms will be maintained for you. These include Facebook, Twitter and most importantly Instagram. Various types of content that is relevant to your brand will be posted to your pages in English and/or German. Though not limited to just the following material, here are some common examples of media content: 


-Information on wine releases

-Current sales or promotions on wines

-Details on wine club pick-up events 

-Enticing tasting notes from winemakers

-Suggestions on food pairings with your wines

-Recognition of staff members and their hard work

-Other exciting events happening around the vineyard 

Copywriting for Your Wine Business

With years of experience in advanced writing and condensing the most complex topics into blog posts, press releases, website copies, newsletters, emails or social media posts in English and/or German, Grape Vine Media can help you develop: 


-Product descriptions

-Branding documents

-Web literature, blog posts and social media copy

-Flyer, email and newsletter copy

-Press releases

-Import/export reports

-Corporate communications

-Tasting notes and chemical analysis

-Book reviews and recipes

-Editing and proofreading for all of the above



Branding & Communication

Agriculture, farming and viticulture are the basic principles of the agricultural industry. Due to the increase in worldwide trade, it is essential to keep clear of any language barrier for  
  • improved communication quality through strategic marketing activity
  • promoting a positive brand perception  of your winery's product range
Conveying the viticultural process can be challenging, because of the many specialized words, acronyms and phrases it can be difficult for some to understand.
Grape Vine Media has an extensive experience in the wine industry, knowledge of specific terminology plus understanding of the viticultural process and is therefore able to perfectly suit all client's needs. Whenever it takes someone who "speaks Wine": that's where we come in! Please contact us today for a quotation!