Social Media Strategies for Your Wine Business

Get more People to Your Website

...and get more people to your winery! It's during these winery visit moments - the meeting and talking with  the very people that grow the wine you're buying - that a visitor is captured and becomes a customer. Being close to the beverages we drink has become increasingly important. As consumers of wine we now care about where it comes from and who grows it. There is a new awareness of lowering our collective carbon footprint and a strong focus on healthier lifestyles. 


By writing engaging content on your website and social media platform, and by sharing the right photography that focuses on the details that make your business yours, your winery market has the opportunity to extend the same experience and capture customers online. Coupled with the world of social media, your winery website content can be shared far and wide. This opens the door to draw people to your website, which again may convert an online visitor into a buyer! 

Invite them to the Farm virtually

…engage with visitors and earn trust! There is something special about visiting a winery. By walking among vineyards  and picking grapes right from the vines, you bridge the gap between producer and consumer. With the "buy locally" movement becoming more popular, it's important for consumers to literally walk the vineyard grounds, meet the vintner and see the produce grow. By doing so, we build trust.


The same is true for your social media platform and website: it allows consumers to visit your winery before actually setting foot among wine vendors. By reading posts, looking at images and watching videos, guests can gauge your authenticity. Your winery has more to say than you realize and your customers want to hear it.


You deserve a partner who understands your produce as well as your business. Contact me to create a customized package for your wine business! 

Create that Winery Vibe online

...and build a sense of community! Wineries - like farms as well - exist for the sustenance of the communities in which they reside. Customers look to the vineyards and wine vendors for news, education, tips, stories and more.


Share content that engages your community! What are customers asking? What do they want to know? If you decide on having a blog, use it to educate your fans about what's in season, provide them with recipes for food and wine pairings and keep them abreast of upcoming winery events. Talk about what's happening in the world of your market and ask for comments. Provide them with beautiful plant portraits alongside little details to photo stories; the right photography reflects so much about your winery - your style, your clientele, your future. If you can attract online visitors and earn their trust with engaging and informational content, you can connect with them directly so they will keep coming back for more!